Come to New Orleans

Release December 2013
Released December 2013

“It Ain’t Nothin, But Swing” with Ron Jones and New Orleans…

Being from that part of this great Country of the USA, it’ll take me some time to express my true love for swing since living in it’s Birth Place, New Orleans. Ron Jones says it ALL for me in this new classic piece. From the very first cut where he swings you right out of your seat, he’s creative, inventive and mellow. His musicianship is unquestionable and impressive. His father being a killer piano player in New Orleans world of jazz and one of the pioneer producers of what’s now called Rock and Roll. Joe Jones, hit maker, Ron’s dad, with his own number one smash “You Talk Too Much” is historic on it’s own but he didn’t stop there. His others talents as a producer seem to run in the family. His son Ron is right on point with this new album walking in those same shoes. Pay particular attention to how he’s trimmed these great classic’s and made them his songs with his incredible band. This album is so smooth you wanna’ SHOUT !.. “Where have you been Ron Jones? Listening to, Blue Berry Hill” It’s not Fat’s Domino, but feel that fresh rhythm as it rolls though the keys, and if you’ve ever been to the big easy, where the second line dance is stabled into the rich & unique culture ,“Hello Josephine” is a second line masterpiece. Cut after cut it’s brilliantly recorded and it’s all about the music. Ron didn’t just spend time with his father watching, he was listening to the genius of those musician’s who created the New Orleans Sound, Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Professor Longhair, Dave Barthlomew, Allen Toussaint, Earl Palmer, Lee Allen, and I’m proud to say I was among the group that gave the world a new way to enjoy music . Now Ron has created this masterpiece utilizing these great New Orleans classics, and rightfully so. Because no matter what has been said, New Orleans is the Home where the World of music lives and music lovers come to hear. Check out what he does with My Signature Song “Personality” you’ll be Amazed.

Lloyd Price
Mr. Personality